Please send all submissions to Include your name and age, as well as the title, word count, genre of your work, and the LGBT identity of your main character. Please also include warnings for potentially disturbing material, including suicide, sexual assault, bullying, etc.

Editorial Selection Criteria

Submissions up to 10,000 words will be published in their entirety. Longer submissions will be serialized.

Submissions should include LGBT main characters. Submissions with non-LGBT main characters will not be posted.

All submissions must feature a happy ending. Happy endings are not all alike and we would like to see what a “happy ending” means to you, but the editors have the final say in whether your story has a happy ending and can be published.

Characters may be of any age, race, nationality, or socioeconomic background.

Submissions may be of any genre.

Other Requirements

Submissions from authors between the ages of 12 and 21 will be posted. Submissions from authors over the age of 21 will be posted as guest pieces.

Warnings and Guidelines

We will not accept any submission which contains gratuitous sexual content or other extreme material.

We will also not accept any submission which contains gratuitous depictions of violence or gore.

Minor grammatical corrections may be made by the editorial board in the interest of clarity. We will never make changes to the content of a submission. We ask that all major revisions, including revisions to content and major grammatical revisions, be made by the author.

Any author or artist whose work does not comply with the guidelines will be asked to revise their work to fit within our guidelines. In the event that the piece is still in violation, the piece may be declined entirely.

The editorial board reserves the right to decline any submission.