“Spring Grass” by Elizabeth P.

Genre: Contemporary

Identity: Lesbian

Word Count: 2,014

Warnings: None

My mother loved to meddle. Every day, “Where are you going after school?” and “Will you have a boyfriend soon?” and “Are you sure you don’t want speech therapy?” The morning of September 3rd, a day that changed my life, was not any different.

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Welcome to The HEDA Project!

The Boston-Area Homeschoolers’ Queer-Straight Alliance (BAHS QSA) is proud to announce the start of The HEDA Project! This project aims to provide LGBT youth with stories starring LGBT characters who get happy endings. You can read more about The HEDA Project and its mission here.

After the recent slew of LGBT character deaths on television, we recognized that it was time to take a stand and provide LGBT individuals with a place to hear and tell stories about characters like themselves who receive happy endings. We accept submissions in the form of short stories, poetry, and art from LGBT youth ages 12-21 who want their stories to be heard. Submissions should be sent to bahsqsa@gmail.com, and should follow our submission guidelines.

We want to provide a safe, happy place for LGBT youth where our stories can be heard and told without any fear. We hope you will consider submitting a piece or two for us to post, and we hope you enjoy the blog!