“Sarah” by Drew V.

Genre: Contemporary

Identity: Pansexual, Genderqueer

Word Count: 1,369

Warnings: None

The sunlight hit her beautiful locks of golden hair, her blue eyes shining like diamonds. My heart melted. It was like a dream.

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“Tiger Love” by Drew V.

Genre: Contemporary

Identity: Gay, Trans (M), Bisexual (M)

Word Count: 861

Warnings: None

Al and Chaz sat in the bleachers at the big game. The wind in Al’s hair, the sound of people screaming swear words, and the smell of beer and people smoking was all so, so disgusting but wonderful at the same time somehow. Chaz pulled on his dirty blonde hair with one hand, yelling, “No! No! That stance is all wrong!” Al chuckled. He wasn’t much for sports, he mostly just came to spend time with his best friend.

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