“Untitled” by Charlotte K.

Genre: Paranormal

Identity: Pansexual, Gay, Lesbian

Word Count: 2,974

Warnings: None

“Why do I have to go, Mom? I’m scared of the dark. And Alisha told me that there are monsters in the woods, oh, please don’t make me go!”

“You’re going! Now, get in this car before I have to drag you by your ear!”

I was in the car, terrified, but not so much of the dark. I was scared of my own mom. I know that it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is, trust me on this one. You see, she’s not always like this. She’s usually a great mom, the regular pancake-making, hair-doing, speech-making mom. But when the clock strikes 7 she starts acting…weird. Like really weird. At 7 o’clock, when we are cleaning up from dinner, her rosy complexion turns gray, her glimmering green eyes turn brown, her sweet voice turns coarse. I never knew what happened, all of those years, 7 years and I had no idea. She would always go to the woods after she turned. She left me at home with Alisha, my older sister. Alisha was away at her girlfriend’s house. I was terrified of my mother, the woods, the dark, I was so scared. My mother was, evil, terrifying, like a witch. I couldn’t even stop it from happening, EVER. I would try to have her go to bed at 6:30, she still walked out of the house at 7:01. I tried to give her cough syrup so she would pass out in the nick of time, 6:45 passed out, 7:01 back outside.

I begged my Mom to drop me off at Alisha’s girlfriend’s house, but she said Alisha was out taking a nighttime hike with her girlfriend. I was doomed, I thought I wouldn’t live to see another day. I knew that my mom wasn’t in a good place, I knew, but there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t change my mother’s actions, but maybe I could stall them…until I could get mother’s phone.

“Hey, Mom! Before we go to the woods we should get some ice cream so we’re not too hot tonight! Can we, momma?” I exclaimed eagerly…hoping my plan would work.

“Ok,” she said, her voice scraggly. “Master does not like sweat on their masterpieces.”

Hmmm…master? Maybe someone is controlling Mom? Or she is under a spell?! Let’s milk this for all it’s got…

“Momma? Who is this ‘Master’ you’re talking about? And what does he do when you get there?” I asked my mom, worried.

“Master needs to keep their masterpieces private. I will show when there,” she said, sounding more and more like a minion.

“What kind of masterpieces? Like artwork, or secret plans, Momma, what kind?!” I screeched eagerly, wanting my mother back.

“Master said to not tell! Silence, child! We go get frozen cream and then go to master’s lab!” Mother robotically yelled.

Hmmm…lab? What kind of people have labs, scientists, inventors, evil doctors? Well, maybe when we get there I can see for myself?

As we drove to the ice cream shop, I started to worry, maybe there was no fixing mother, maybe she was like this, forever?! I don’t know how this would happen, but maybe it was because of me! Maybe I did something to make her do this, maybe when I was little.

“Oh, mommy, I’m so sorry. Please come back, I’ll do anything to have you back!” I screeched, scared that it was all my fault.

“SILENCE, CHILD!” Mom screamed. “Master is speaking to me.”

She pulled over and closed her eyes she started muttering… “Master, master…”the only one who can save us…”masterpieces of the dark lord…”no one but you master…” it was freaky. It was freaking me out. But I knew I just needed to get her phone, and it would be okay. I wanted to live to see Alisha get married, to graduate, to do all of the things I and planned to do all my life, and I thought my own mother would kill me. I was terrified.

Bummer. If that wasn’t it, what could it be…maybe when I’m at the ice cream shop I could go “to the bathroom” and sneak mother’s phone out of her pocket. Maybe maybe this ‘Master’ person is in her contacts, or maybe I can just call Alisha? Oh, I wish daddy was here, I wish daddy didn’t go. Daddy would know what to do.

We got there, it was dark, but it was a fast food chain so it was open 24/7 and it was almost 8:00. I was plotting while mother ordered. I got my kiddie size fudge ripple with gummy bears and chocolate sprinkles in a cup, so I could sneak away easily. I thought that I could buy myself some time if I got a long, complicated order, and I told mother to spoil herself and get a large (so she could eat it for longer). I hoped my plan would work; I was pretty sure it would. You see, my mother (when not acting all scary and creepy) liked to dress like the kids, liked to dress cool, see what kind of men she could get. She did this ever since Daddy left. I didn’t like it much, but it meant that her phone wasn’t in her pocket, it was beside her, so I could just sneak up and grab it. I just felt so alone, like nothing could help me, like I was doomed. I couldn’t take it, I waited five more seconds and then I got up to “go to the bathroom”. I pretended to tie my shoe (good thing I was wearing my sneakers) and as I stood back up I snatched her phone and raced off to the bathroom. I was relieved, this rush of adrenaline filled my body as I was sprinting to the bathroom. I was overjoyed that I had succeeded with my plan, I knew that I could save myself.

As I pushed the door open, I thought about how Alisha could come and then we could try to save mother, because she didn’t like it either. I wanted to call her right then, but I didn’t know Mother’s passcode! Oh, why didn’t I think of that? I tried to guess it, but I had no idea what it was! 4503? No. 1835? No. 9402? No. Then I remembered her birthday, December 14th. Is that it? Her birthday? It’s so obvious, but maybe it’ll work… 1214? No. 1412? No 4211? No. I tried all of the combinations but none of them worked. Alisha’s birthday, March 4th? 3496? No. I tried all of the combinations of hers, too. (I got disabled quite a few times.) My birthday? Is it that? Well it can’t hurt to try… May 2nd? 5203? Yes! I couldn’t believe it was mine! I knew that she had it in her, I knew that she wasn’t gone for good!

“Alisha? Alisha! Help, Alisha, Mom is crazy! She keeps talking about this Master person and about his masterpieces and she keeps pulling the car over and it’s like she’s talking to someone! It’s really scary and I bought us some time by going to the ice cream place, but she’s almost done. Alisha, come pick me up and we can save mom!” I screeched into the phone.

“I know what this is! Raina, this is called Possessive depression. Mom has done this ever since Dad, umm, left. She has been in this haze of depression; she doesn’t know who she is anymore. That’s when this ‘Master’ person swoops in. They take over her body, and some of their traits become hers. Her rosy complexion turns gray, like Master’s, her sweet voice, scraggly, like Master’s. What we need to do is follow her to the lab and see Master for ourselves. We’ll come over right now. You’ll be okay, Raina, Mom’s in there,” she reassured me.

“Okay, Alisha, but you’ll have to track Mom’s phone because we’re leaving right now! Hurry, Alisha, hurry!” I whispered into the phone as I hung up.

“What are you doing?!” Mom screamed, “Give my my cellular device and we go to the lab!”

“Sorry, Momma, I found your phone on the ground and decided to bring it to you when I came back,” I lied. That night had been full of lies. But I couldn’t help it, I needed to save my family.

Okay, I’m safe, Alisha is coming and we’re going to save Mom! It’s going to be okay! I knew it would all work out, I’m so happy! My family can be normal again!

As we walked to the car, I thought about how I wasn’t going to die. I was going to be okay! I was overjoyed that my Mom was going to be saved. Master was going to be stopped. I was going to stop him and get my mother back to my home. And we would be a whole family again – well, except for Daddy. I miss Daddy, we had so much fun together. We had the best times, like we went for ice cream, and we played basketball, and we went to the comic book store. I loved doing those things with Daddy. Mommy loves those things, too. Daddy didn’t like them, but he loved me, so he went just for me. Daddy liked wearing pink and wearing braids in his long, luscious hair. Mommy always wears her hair short and with a baseball cap on. She loves basketball and comic books, like me. It was perfect. Well perfect until Daddy …um…left.

“Master! We have arrived! We may work on the masterpieces now!” Mother robotically yelled.

“Now let’s see… We have Mother, and, oh! I see Master! It looks like they give Mother a pill every night, to keep her going! Oh no! We need to get those pills!” Alisha said as she was making googly eyes at her girlfriend.

“I can distract Master while you grab the pills, Alisha, okay?” I plotted.

“Alright, sounds good. Let’s wait until they get distracted,” Alisha suggested.

“Hello, Master,” I sweetly said, while batting my eyelashes and smiling with the cutest smile I could do. “What kind of masterpieces do you do? I have masterpieces, too! I draw dinosaurs and princesses! Daddy used to draw them with me…hmmph, I miss Daddy.” I started to fake cry, Master comforted me as Alisha swooped in to get the pills.

“Okay, I’m better now, see ya!” I ran away as quick as I could before they had any further questions.

We scattered the pills and stomped them into the dirt. They were gone for good, before Mother and Master could see that they were gone. I was happy. Happy that Mother would be okay, happy that I could see her all day again, happy for her to finally be free. Mom snapped out of it at around 10:00. Master was going to give her a pill, but before they could grab the pill, Mother was out the door. I knew I could save her! I was so happy that my mom was back, I was so happy that the evil master was defeated! But… as Master came running up behind us to get Mother back, I saw a seam on Master’s ugly, horrid face. Wait a minute, faces don’t have seams, I think Master is wearing a mask! Maybe someone is underneath it! I have to find a way to grab that mask. But how to do it?

“Alisha! I think Master is wearing a mask! Let’s see who’s under it!” I whispered to Alisha, as we were racing from Master.

“Oh! I see! But how do we get it from him? He’ll catch Mom and she won’t be safe anymore!” Alisha said to me, a worried look in her eye.

“I may have an idea…” I said, then I whispered in her ear, a plan, that just might work…

“Oh, please, Mommy, I can’t run fast enough, can I get on your back? I’m scared of Master!” I whined as I started slowing down.

“Of course, honey! C’mon, hop up, quickly!”

I hopped up onto her back and that made her slow down a little, not as much as I liked though. She was a football player and nothing stops her from running, especially when she is trying to save Alisha and me.

“Slow down, Mommy! I’m slipping off!” I said, faking all of it.

I hated lying to Mommy, but there was no time to explain. This was the only way I could get her safe. I need my Mom. A girl needs her mom. You know, to play basketball and read comic books with. Right? I don’t know, but I knew I wouldn’t change Mom for the whole world.

“AAAAHHHH! Servant, get your child off me! Get! Her! Off!” Master whined like a little kid.

“Daddy? Daddy is that you? Daddy?” I said, confused. “Daddy? Where were you? How..what..when..huh?” Burning tears rolling down my face.

Is it really him? How can it be? Mommy said he uhh… left. Did she lie to me? Has Daddy been here the whole time?

“Hi, sweetie. I, I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry, my hunny. I left your Mum for a, uh, a man. I was ashamed of myself because everyone, including your Mum, told me it was wrong. I took over your Mom as revenge. Look at it this way, what if someone told you that who you love was wrong?” he said, ashamed.

“Well, I would be sad. If Mommy said I couldn’t date a girl, like Alisha, I would be sad. I would probably run away. I would be mad at Mommy forever. I would want to get back at her. I know that’s not right but I would want to. And I would marry a girl. I’d do it. Just to get back at her. And I’d be happy. And I’m going to one day, and I don’t care what Mommy thinks.” I stated, surely not changing my mind.

“You see? Back when I was a kid, no man would dare date another man. I was ashamed and did what my mother told, I married Mommy. I loved her, but just in a friend way. I divorced her and told her I was going to go find a man to marry. She told me that I was going to hell. I got over that. I found a man to marry. I missed you both so much but your mom wouldn’t let me see you. She paid me to get out of your lives. I wanted to get back at her. I’m so sorry, darling, but I have overcome that and I have married a man. I am happy now and want to be a part of your life again. Emanuel and I have a good life, and he is dying to meet you. All I wanted was to be married, and that’s what I’ve done. I’m never going to hide my sexuality ever again. I love Emanuel and that’s all,” Daddy said, tears in his eyes.

“Oh, Josh, I’ll forever be sorry. I’ll never forgive the horrible things that I’ve said to you. I was horrid. I was the person I keep our kids away from. I’m forever sorry. And so grateful that you could move past it. I’m dying to meet your beautiful husband. I missed you,” Mommy said apologetically.

“It’s okay, Daddy, I forgive you. And, mommy, I forgive you, too. I want to meet Emanuel!” I screeched, hugging them both, tears streaming down my face.

“The star of the show is here! I know y’all were waiting – don’t worry, hun, I’m here!” Emanuel burst into the room, went over and gave Daddy a kiss. “How are y’all?”

“Umm..Mister? Are you Emanuel?” I said to him, hoping for no more surprises.

“Well, of course I am, boo! Mmhm. I got my husband and my new family right here,” He gave us all a big hug, but pulled away quickly because he smudged his makeup, “I love y’all! Hold on one second, gotta make sure I got these brows on fleek,” He pulled out a compact mirror and fixed his eyebrow make up, “So, tell me about you guys. I’m going to be a new member of your family, and I want to know you!” Emanuel said. He cracks me up.

“Well, the scariest part of my life was just a revenge plot, uh, I like comic books and basketball. I, uh, wanna marry a boy or a girl or someone else when I get older, as long as they’re nice, uh.. I think that’s it!” I exclaimed, with a huge grin on my face. I loved Emanuel.

“Nice to meet you, Emanuel. I know you might think badly of me, but I promise you I’m not like that anymore. I believe that you can love who you love no matter what. I was wrong, so wrong.  I mean, my other daughter even has a girlfriend! I want you to know that I’ve changed and I’ve seen the error of my ways. I truly have changed, and I’m not just saying that for the attention,” Mother said, with a sparkle in her eye.

“Nice to meet you, babes, you both seem like very sweet girls.” he said, his grin lighting up the room.

“Mommy, can we go home now? I’m so tired, a lot happened tonight and I wanna go home with my Mommy and both my new Daddies!” I exclaimed, trying to keep my eyes open.

“Of course, baby girl, let’s get you to bed, sweetie.” Mom said, something lighter about her voice.

“I love everyone here, I wanted to say that. Let’s go home” Emanuel said.

As we drove home, there was something lighter about my shoulders, and it felt like everything was going to be okay.

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